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Basic Transformer Trainer

Transformer is a major part of any linear power supply. To become familiar with this part here is a complete system in which complete transformer design is demonstrated with state of the art technology. We give complete basics as well as students at the end come up with a good working prototype

Main Aspects

  • Basic design parameters to set upon: Turn ratio calculation
  • Core material selection
  • Losses in different areas
  • Full load / No load calculations
  • Power input power output calculations
  • Wattage of the device
  • Design optimization
  • Lamination and air gape covering


  • Single-Phase Multiple turn Transformer 3A
  • 2 Digital Volt Meter
  • 2 Digital Current Meter
  • Resistive Load Bank with selector switch to vary Resistive Load
  • Main Isolator
  • Flexible to Used as 3- Phase Transformer Trainer

Capacitor Start Induction Motor

A capacitor start induction motor is a type of induction motor commonly used in various applications such as household appliances, air compressors, and pumps. It’s called a “capacitor start” motor because it uses a capacitor to create a phase difference between the start and run windings of the motor, allowing it to generate a rotating magnetic field necessary for starting.


  • Inbuilt Breaker for Over Load Motor Protection
  • Inbuilt Fuses for Generators Outputs Protection
  • Light Indication For Power Supply
  • Separate Capacitor Start Induction Motor Unit (Folsom 2950 RPM Italy)
  • Inbuilt Variac to Control/Vary the Motor Speed
  • Inbuilt Knob to change the Rotation of the Motor Clock/Anti clock
  • Inbuilt Light for Motor Direction Indication
  • Motor Generator Coupling (Rubber) to couple the two moving Parts to absorb the jerks
  • Inbuilt Digital Techo Meter for RPM Measurement
  • Inbuilt Excitation Points
  • Fuse Protection for Bridge DC output
  • Separate 3-Phase Bridge to Convert 3-Phase AC to Dc
  • 3-Phase bridge Circuit Diagram drawn on panel demonstrate its working
  • Panel 3-Phases and Neural knobs for Generated Voltages
  • Fuse protections for 3-Phase Generated Voltages to Protect the Generator
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